8-Way 3m 6.35mm 1/4" Stereo Jack / Balanced Jack Loom / Patch Multicore Cable

8-Way 3m 6.35mm 1/4" Stereo Jack / Balanced Jack Loom / Patch Multicore Cable

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Product Overview:

  • 8 x 6.35mm 1/4" Stereo Jack to 8 x 6.35mm 1/4" Stereo Jack
  • 8-Way loom/multicore cable
  • Ideal for use as patch leads for desks and studios, as well as effects patching
  • Lengths: 3m
  • Colours: Black with colour coded rings on each connector
  • Velcro cable tie included

VisioSound high performance audio cables have been developed to offer unrivalled audio signal transmission for discerning sound engineers and musicians. VisioSound cables are manufactured to the highest standards using only the very best materials, allowing the leads to deliver absolute tonal fidelity, time after time. Super flexible cable is combined with precision engineered metal connectors to produce a highly reliable lead that will not let you down. The VisioSound Lifetime Warranty guarantees all VisioSound cables against defects in materials and manufacture, ensuring that you always stay connected.  


Key Features:

  • Heavy duty components
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Unique colour and length variations
  • High Grade Oxygen Free Copper (OFC)
  • Durable and flexible PVC outer sleeve
  • Velcro cable tie included



The most common use for these cables is as a patch leads for desks and studios. A nice neat solution where 8 channels of signal need to be connected to a recorder or other external audio device.


8 reasons why you should choose VisioSound cables:

  • Clarity of Sound – VisioSound cables will transfer the signal you want, and nothing else. Superior grade noiseless oxygen free copper (OFC) ensures no colouration to your sound and no more annoying buzzing!
  • Tailored to You- VisioSound cables are produced in a huge range of different colours and lengths with many unique combinations allowing you to set your cables apart from the crowd! 
  • Never Lose Connection – Our precision engineered connectors ensure seamless audio transmission.
  • Ready for the Road - VisioSound cables have a super flexible outer PVC jacket that is noticeably thicker than most on the market. This keeps your cable protected and ensures years of use.
  • Balanced Wherever Possible – If the connector allows, the cable is balanced.
  • Market Leading Performance – VisioSound cables are some of the best-selling pro audio leads on the market, available exclusively from VisioSound’s online and retail outlets.
  • Easy Storage – Included with every cable is a VisioSound cable tie allowing you to keep your leads neat and tidy.
  • Guaranteed Quality – You can see the details of VisioSound lifetime guarantee below but in a nutshell VisioSound will replace any faulty cable that fails due to defects in workmanship or materials.  


…and if you’re still not sure this is what our customers say: 

“Well terminated, robust connectors and a weighty cable giving a quality feel. Audio quality good with no apparent cable noise.” - Dave, Cheshire

“I have used VisioSound leads before, I find the quality excellent. They represent very good value for money. I would definitely recommend. First class product, first class service. Well done.” - Paul, Dorset

“These awesome cables come direct from the manufacturer. They are extremely well made of heavy duty OFC cable and come complete with a Velcro tie; a nice touch. The set of 3 is extremely good value and they have lifetime parts and labour warranty. I use two for my effects loop and one for my bass and find them very low noise with no sign of the noisy micro-phonics of cables with cheap shielding.” - Christian, Staffordshire

“Next day delivery. Great value. Better quality than most XLR cables and the different colours is a great way to identify which cable is which length when setting up.” - Richard, Devon

“Play in a semi-professional rock band. How many VisioSound cables have I purchased? Around 15 of them, and they are excellent. Lifetime warranty too. What you waiting for? Seller is great. Fast, courteous service." - Darren, Gwent


VisioSound Limited Lifetime Warranty

VisioSound offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of its cables. To activate your lifetime guarantee and find the full terms and conditions please follow the instructions on the cable packaging.